AjaxList Custom Item Template

    To use custom item template in the controller instead of setting the Items property you have to set the Content property with the prerendered html content.
    RenderView is a controller extension from Omu.AwesomeMvc that renders a view and returns the result as a string.
    The view that gets rendered must consist from 'li' tags (or 'tr' if using TableLayout) with class="awe-li" and data-val=key attributes
    public class MealsCustomItemAjaxListController : Controller
    public IActionResult Search(int page)
    const int PageSize = 5;
    return Json(new AjaxListResult
    Content = this.RenderView("CustomItem", Db.Meals.Skip((page - 1) * PageSize).Take(PageSize).ToList()),
    More = Db.Meals.Count > (page * PageSize)
    @using AweCoreDemo.Models
    Layout = null;
    @model IList<Meal>

    @foreach (Meal meal in Model)
    <li class="awe-li" data-val="@meal.Id">
    Name: @meal.Name
    <br />
    Category: @meal.Category.Name
    <br />
    Description: @meal.Description