Awesome Core and MVC Controls

Cascading grids

Click on the rows of the first grid to select categories and watch the second grid reload.

.Url(Url.Action("CategoriesGrid", "Data"))
.Columns(new Column { Bind = "Name" })
<br />
.Url(Url.Action("ChildMealsGrid", "Data"))
.Columns(new Column { Bind = "Name" }))

$(function () {
.on('aweselect aweload', function () {
var selectedIds = $(this).data('api').getSelection().map(function (o) { return o.Id; });
$("#MealsGrid").data('api').load({ params: { categories: selectedIds } });
public ActionResult CategoriesGrid(GridParams g)
return Json(new GridModelBuilder<Category>(Db.Categories.AsQueryable(), g)
Key = "Id"

public ActionResult ChildMealsGrid(GridParams g, int[] categories)
categories = categories ?? new int[] { };

return Json(new GridModelBuilder<Meal>(Db.Meals
.Where(o => categories.Contains(o.Category.Id)).AsQueryable(), g).Build());


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