Awesome Core and MVC Controls


It will generate a pager with buttons that will redirect to the specified url by adding the page parameter in the query string

Barley Grains

<table style="width: 300px;">
@{ foreach (var o in Model)
<br />

.Url(Url.Action("Index")) // url to go to
.Count((int)ViewData["count"]) // page count
.Page((int)ViewData["page"])) @*current page*@
public class PagerDemoController : Controller
public ActionResult Index(int page = 1)
const int PageSize = 1;
var pageCount = (Db.Meals.Count + PageSize - 1) / PageSize;

ViewData["page"] = page;
ViewData["count"] = pageCount;

return View(Db.Meals.Skip((page - 1) * PageSize).Take(PageSize));


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