Awesome Core and MVC Controls

Error handling demo

When a JavaScript error happens because of server error/incorrect url (500, 404) the only way you would know the reason is by using something like firebug/chrome dev tools (by looking in the console for the execution of ajax requests).

You can also assign a js function to the awe.err, this way whenever an error will occur your custom function will be executed (this code is called in utils.init).
awe.err = function (o, p2) {
var msg = "unexpected error occured";
if (p2) {
if (typeof p2 === 'string') {
msg = p2;
} else {
msg = p2.responseText || msg;

var content = msg;
// handle ajax errors that return html with layout page
if (msg.indexOf('<html>') > -1) {
content = $('<div>unexpected error<br/> (showing it will replace the whole page)<div/>');
var btn = $('<a href="">show</a>').click(function (e) {


awem.notif(content, 0, 'o-err');

// close popup that got error
if (o && o.p && o.p.isOpen) {

Error on popup open

clicking on this popup links will throw a server exception, click on them to see how it's handled

Error on popup form post


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